55 Street Foods You Can Eat Around the Globe

One of the best dates I ever had was a trip to a little town in upstate NY that held a food truck festival where you could pick a meal from over 30 different trucks offering a wide variety of cuisine. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw this chart called 55 Beloved Street Foods From Around the World from How Long to Cook. Oh how I would love to create a trip around the world just trying street food. The Picanha from Brazil is barbecued beef on a stick with seasoning that looks delicious. Or how about a Liege Waffle from Belgium. I can already taste the sweet sugary treat and I am still in the US. Speaking of the US, we have a pulled pork sandwich on this graph representing North Carolina with shredded bbq pork, slow-cooked and put on a bun with crunchy coleslaw. Yum!

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55 Street Foods You Can Eat Around the Globe

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