Brands Owned By Pepsi

Pepsico, a name that many of us recognize, was established in 1898. However, after going bankrupt, Wall Street Brokers re-established themselves in 1931. However, the name then was Pepsi-Cola, which became PepsiCo in 1965. Today, PepsiCo is a well-established brand.

In this infographic, by LLC Attorney, we will list down some of the well-known brands owned by PepsiCo. The beverages include Aquafina, Crush, etc, while the food beverages include Doritos, Lay’s, and SunChips etc. However, one must know that only some of these brands are owned by PepsiCo 100%. Some are partially owned, while others have a specific order license and are distributed by PepsiCo.

Hence, we conclude that PepsiCo owns many well-known brands that we use often.

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