Car Tinting Laws in Australia

Days get warm in Australia and the heat can quickly ramp up in your car the moment the sun shines. If you are after a solution that keeps your car cooler, stops harmful UV rays from reaching your skin, reduces sun glare and makes car trips overall more enjoyable in summer, tinting your car windows will come up like the way to go.

You can decide to get your tinting done by yourself, in that case, you’d just need to purchase some tinting film. Otherwise, you can approach Autoglass professionals who can get it done in a matter of hours.
No matter the way you want to go about it though, you should know that there are regulations on car window tinting in Australia and that they all differ from a state to another. This infographic has gathered them all so you know what to ask for when making your decision on the tinting film to use and where.

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Car Tinting Laws in Australia

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