CMMS & Maintenance Statistics You Should Know Going Into 2018

Making important business decision is hard if you don’t have a proper data to base it on. The field of maintenance management isn’t any different. We noticed that this industry is severely lacking in objective statistical data that is available to the public so we decided to crawl the web and see if there is a way to gather reliable data for the maintenance industry. Thanks to a few respectable publications like Plant Service, we were able to get ahold of research findings and transform into this cool looking infographic.

If you are interested to see how much time different businesses spend on unscheduled maintenance, which maintenance strategies they employ, what do they think about maintenance in general, what challenges are they facing to improve their maintenance operations, what do they think about industrial IoT or some other industry-related info, you have to look no further. As a bonus, we also added a section that covers statistics related to maintenance software that might be useful to anyone that is looking to invest in a computerized maintenance management system.

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CMMS & Maintenance Statistics You Should Know Going Into 2018

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