Explaining Dental Hygiene to Kids

With sparkly wrappers and a delicious taste, it’s no wonder that kids can’t get enough of sweets and chocolate. But while us adults know how bad sugar can be for our teeth, explaining it to a child is a different story.

Teaching children good dental hygiene habits is important for both the development and the future health of their teeth and gums. We need to get them into a regular brushing routine and help them understand that some of those tasty treats that they like to enjoy are actually not very good for their oral or physical health.

So, what’s the best way to do this? The team of Coburg Hill Oral Care has come up with an interesting and educational way to teach your child by using a simple thing called ‘Sugar Bugs’. This infographic will help you explain what Sugar Bugs are to your child and why we need to make good eating and dental hygiene choices. Sugar Bugs make talking about something so boring for a child so simple and fun, plus you can also help your child realize that dentists and oral health therapists are nothing to be scared of!

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Explaining Dental Hygiene to Kids

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