Facts & Stats about Conservatories

Conservatories and sunrooms are becoming increasingly popular, with the global market projected to grow by 6.8% annually from 2021 to 2026, reaching £6.7 billion. This rise is fueled by urbanization and changing lifestyles. In the UK alone, over 500 companies provide services for conservatories, with 340 significantly impacting the market.

These spaces are not just for summer; 75% of homeowners use their conservatories year-round. The health benefits are substantial, as natural light in these areas can enhance mood and productivity. Additionally, normal glass panels in conservatories allow 74% of UV radiation, contributing to vitamin D levels.

Customization is a major trend, with 80% of new installations tailored to specific needs, affecting the demand for standard pre-fab options. Millennials show considerable interest, with 42% looking to add conservatories or sunrooms for increased natural light and outdoor connection.

Sustainability is also a growing priority, with 50% of consumers preferring eco-friendly materials and methods for their conservatories and sunrooms. These trends highlight the evolving preferences and benefits associated with these versatile home additions.

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Facts & Stats about Conservatories

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