Your Excellent GRE® Prep Guide

Adequate preparation for the GRE® is different from how you would go about preparing for any other exam. You can’t just cram the study material in a few weekends and hope to get a good score.
Instead, prepare for the exam in terms of hours. In that, you set specific hours for the preparation depending on your learning style and score goals. It usually ranges from 50-200 hours.
Weekends are the ideal times to take your practice tests. Use the weekdays to study the appropriate study material. Also, as part of the preparation process, it’s essential to have a dedicated area for your studies.
It has an impact on a person’s focus and mental preparedness to study. Try to answer every question even the tough ones. Review both right and wrong answers thoroughly.
It will help you identify bad habits and discover effective problem-solving methods.

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Your Excellent GRE® Prep Guide

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