Infographic: How to Keep Wine Good

There’s nothing worse than opening up that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion, only to find that is completely undrinkable. It’s a huge waste and a big disappointment, especially if the bottle was expensive. Unfortunately, once the wine has been spoiled there is nothing else to do but tip it out.

But, how does wine get spoiled when it’s not even open?

Incorrect wine storage is usually the main cause of spoiling and is often not anything to do with the wine itself. The position the bottle is kept – horizontal is better than vertical – and the temperature certainly has a big part to play. Also, how much light the bottle is exposed to and subtle vibrations to can prematurely age wine without you even realizing.

Whether you are a fan of white or red, you can avoid opening up a bad bottle just by storing your wine in the right way. A temperature-controlled wine cellar is a great choice for storage since it regulates the temperature of your wine and eliminates light and vibration from spoiling it.

In this infographic you can learn all about how to store your wine correctly, so you can ensure that it’s in optimum drinking condition whenever you happen to feel like opening up a bottle.

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How to Keep Wine Good

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