How to Purchase a Reliable Solar System

The use of solar power is gaining popularity across Australia. As the demand increases, unfortunately, so does the chance of being scammed and taken advantage of by industry predators.

Here is how to make sure that what you are purchasing is legit and reliable.

Look out for companies that are associated with the Clean Energy Council (CEC). These businesses are part of the Approved Solar Retailer program, which has a code of conduct going beyond standard government requirements they must adhere to.

Make sure you choose a company with an existing facility and are not just working from call centers. Businesses with an actual address have invested in their brand and are committed to providing excellent service and customer care.

Investing in solar systems is a long-term commitment, and it’s vital that you choose the right company to work with. Ensure that the provider you have selected uses high-quality components and is partnered with the best brands, for example, LG, Tesla, Max Power, and Solaredge.

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How to Purchase a Reliable Solar System

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