Do Millennials Have It Better or Worse Than Generations Past?

Student Loan Hero looks at how various living expenses from gas, movie tickets and beer to rent, homeownership and college have changed over the years. Findings include:
– Millennials buying their first homes today will pay 39% more than baby boomers taking the same step in the 1980s.
– Millennials pay the highest rents when entering the workforce, with a 2017 average of $1,358. By comparison, Gen-Xers paid just $850 (in today’s dollars) in rent per month at the same life stage, and the Silent Generation paid under $500.
– When millennials were born, tuition at public 4-year colleges was just $3,190 per year (adjusted for inflation). By the time they grew up and enrolled in college, tuition rose 213% to today’s cost of $9,970 per year.

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