Remote vs In-House Devloppement Team

Web developer salaries are particularly high in the U.S., leading many teams to consider hiring talent abroad. The same pattern has led to the growth of distributed working arrangements across Europe and the rest of the world. When it comes to negotiating salaries, remote developers face some of the same market dynamics as in-office developers.

Some companies look to the remote marketplace as a way to lessen overall offshore development teams costs. As a result, they would want to see significant cost savings when hiring someone abroad.

On the other hand, other businesses recognize that getting top talent is hard regardless of your location around the world. These organizations, consequently, are willing to pay top dollar even for distributed teams. The combination of these factors means that there will be high variability between what employers are willing to pay. Even in the same city, for example, the same remote job title might be quoted very different salaries between companies.

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Remote vs In-House Devloppement Team

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