Remote vs In-House Development Team

The era of IT and digital technology has fully assumed its rights. It is difficult to imagine life without the Internet and gadgets. Instant messaging, constant access to information, online shopping – an unlimited number of possibilities. For demand comes supply. All areas of business in one way or another go into digital. This applies not only to e-commerce but also to other areas. Indeed, IT technologies support not only sales but also other areas and functions of companies. So without a CRM system, it is no longer possible to imagine the convenient and efficient functioning of a business. Cloud data storage, analytics, working with databases, information processing – this and much more needs to be set up and ongoing support.

This contributes to the strongest growth in demand for IT specialists. The issue of hiring employees should be approached systematically. In this infographic, we will consider and compare several options: in-house specialists and remote development team. This information will help to study all the nuances at the initial stage of preparation and will help determine for yourself the most suitable type of cooperation.

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Remote vs In-House Devloppement Team

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