Simple Resume Tips and Tricks from Experts

Have you ever wondered how to improve your resume in 5 minutes? You may even think that it is impossible to make a resume good-looking in such a short while.

This infographic from Uptowork will show you some shocking facts about the job market. But most importantly, it will guide you through essential advice on how to make your resume look and sound better than ever before.

You will learn;

  • How to choose the best-looking template if you want to give your resume a clean look. The content of your resume is important, but it will never be read if the layout of your document is boring!
  • Which font will catch recruiter’s eye and capture his or her attention for longer? Do you think that Times New Roman is a traditional and elegant font? Better take a look at this infographic.
  • How to leverage the impact of numbers when writing a resume to stand out from other candidates. You have always thought that a resume should be word-based because this is a document, not a math exercise? Check why you were wrong!
  • Draw attention to your qualities! You hardly believe that you have acquired a lot of skills in your last job? This tip may surprise you.
  • How to use keywords to make your resume even more effective. If you’ve ever thought that keywords are useful only for Google, check how to profit from them in your resume!

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How to Make a Resume – The Only Guide You Need

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