Which U.S. Schools Have the Most Toxic Air?

Did a public school near you land on AAA State of Play’s list of the top 50 schools in America with the most toxic air? The list of 50 schools was created through an analysis of the Political Economy Research Institute’s ‘Air Toxics at School’ tool, which scores the toxic hazard of every school in the United States. This tool includes a list of the nearby facilities that contribute to the toxic air hazard of each school, as well as the most abundant chemical found in the air around the school. The extremely high toxic hazard concentrations at some schools in the U.S. are concerning, with 10 schools on the list reaching a toxic hazard of more than one million. The national average toxic hazard score at public schools across the U.S. is only 4,515.

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Which U.S. Schools Have the Most Toxic Air?

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