The Highest-Grossing Characters of All Time

From revered figures in pop culture like Mickey Mouse to more specialized characters such as Goku from Dragon Ball, thriving franchises prosper via merchandise sales, box office proceeds, and video game earnings. The pivotal query lingers: who stands as the top earner?’s research team meticulously examined financial records to unveil the most prosperous characters and franchises, identifying the ultimate frontrunners. Their graphical analysis delved into the highest-grossing franchises, shedding light on those spearheading the financial surge.

Taking the lead is Pokémon, amassing an astounding $76.4 billion, spearheaded by characters like Pikachu and Bulbasaur. With its genesis in Japan in 1996, the Pokémon franchise encompasses video games, trading cards, TV series, films, and more. Mickey Mouse and his companions secured the second spot, generating $52.2 billion since their inception in 1928.

These Disney characters radiate across various platforms, including video games and beloved theme parks like Disneyland.

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The Highest-Grossing Characters of All Time

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