The Top 50 Restaurants by Sales in 2020

Food! A lot of us turned to food in 2020 out of stress, boredom, and general chaos. While some ate a lot more at home, many also got take out and fast food on a more regular basis. Even though many restaurants faced a lot of hardship and closure during the pandemic, others came out on top. This graphic from shows the top 50 restaurants that made the most profit in 2020. The top ten are as follows:

McDonald’s $39.53 billion
Starbucks $18.71 billion
Taco Bell $11.31 billion
Chick-fil-A $10.80 billion
Wendy’s $10.29 billion
Burger King $9.66 billion
Subway $9.17 billion
Dunkin’ Donuts $8.76 billion
Domino’s Pizza $7.35 billion
Sonic $5.68 billion

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The Top 50 Restaurants by Revenue in 2020

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