Top 5 Things You May Not Know About Shipping Containers

When you think of shipping containers, you’ll no doubt have images of large non-descript storage boxes painted in an un-exciting shade of color. Sure, they help transport goods from A to B, often thousands of kilometers across treacherous seas, but is there really anything else worth knowing about them?

Actually, you’d be surprised!

Shipping containers are fast becoming a popular upcycle item, and you may have started to notice more and more popping up in your local town or city. These durable yet portable units can be used for so many great building projects and are helping to save our natural resources, as well as money for the people using them.

Not only that, but there are some other interesting facts to learn in terms of the life of a shipping container and just how many there are in the world. Have you ever counted how many containers can fit on a large shipping vessel? It’s incredible!

In this infographic, we share with you 5 things you never knew about shipping containers. After taking a look, you will probably never think about shipping containers in the same way again. And if you get some inspiration for how you could use one for an upcoming project – that’s an added bonus!

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Things You May Not Know About Shipping Containers

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