Infographic: How much water are we wasting?

In today’s world, we take essentials such as water for granted and most of us are guilty of not thinking twice about just how much water we are wasting. But here’s a fact that should make us stop and think: by 2030 The World Economic Forum predicts that the gap between freshwater demand and supply will have increased by 40% if we don’t drastically change the way in which we use water.

But how can we, as individuals, do anything about it? The solutions are surprisingly straightforward. By making simple changes to our daily routine, we can contribute to making the world a greener place – and where better to start than in our home? How often we leave the tap running whilst we brush your teeth? This habit alone equates to 10,950 litres wasted each year! To put this into perspective, if the entire adult population of England and Wales remembered to turn off their taps, a whopping 180 mega litres could be saved- enough to supply nearly 500,000 homes!

So doing our bit to leave a greener planet for our children is probably easier than we think. Have a look at this easy to digest infographic which gives the perfect breakdown of how to start saving water (not to mention money!). Together, our small changes can have a big impact.

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How much water are we wasting?

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