What Are the Most Visited Websites in the World?

Which websites do you visit the most often? Having analyzed data from Semrush.com, the team at Nominus has a new infographic which shows the most visited websites in the world, with the data specifically being focused on January 2023. According to their research, Google was the most visited website worldwide during this time period, with approximately 102,240,533,524 visits, followed by YouTube, which saw 86,866,891,068. From there, the drop off is quite massive, with the third through fifth most visited websites including Facebook (with 12,702,191,083 visits), Twitter (with 8,902,150,430 visits), and Wikipedia (with 7,722,191,738 visits). This infographic also breaks down rankings into several different categories as well.

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What Are the Most Visited Websites in the World?

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