Which States Have the Most Billionaires per Capita?

America has 759 resident billionaires – the most in the world. Despite China having around three times the population of America, it has around 264 less billionaires. Where do these billionaires live in the United States? The Madison Trust Company team has created a heat map visualization of which U.S. states have the most billionaires per capita. Wyoming ranks number one for the most billionaires per one million people at 10.287. Why is Wyoming a hot spot for billionaires? Aside from the captivating natural beauty and abundance of recreational opportunities, Wyoming is considered a tax haven. Wyoming does not collect individual income tax or corporate tax, no capital gains taxes on trust assets, no state gift tax, no tax on out-of-state retirement income, and low property and sales tax rates.

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Which States Have the Most Billionaires per Capita?

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