Feeding Recommendation for Pets

Before you would know how to feed your pets, you should just remember that every dog is different. Most of the pet lovers get confused not knowing how much to feed, the type of the food to feed and what timings of the day. The general guidelines provided in here will help you to know the daily amount of food that is especially recommended based on the weight of the dog. If one can follow the recommendations, then your pet can live a healthy life with a well-balanced and healthy routine.

When it comes to the puppies and kittens they need to be fed 4 to 6 times a day. So when it reaches its 50% adult body weight, then the food intake should be reduced gradually. Which may be approximately 3 meals per day and if it is the dogs that do lots of activities should definitely take a little bit extra so as to fulfill the energy requirements. The feeding process may also depend upon the health condition of the pets as well.

In fact, the feeding method should also be processed in a balanced way otherwise it may lead to pets obesity. The veterinarian recommends that instead of implementing portion control feeding it’s better to go for a standard portion to measure the amount of food. The adult cats can be fed 8 to 16 times a day with small frequent meals by maintaining a regulated time feeder. Moreover fresh and clean water should be fed otherwise you can also opt for the canned food as well.

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Feeding Recommendation for Pets

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