Infographic: How Much Are Miles Worth?

Not knowing how much your miles or points are worth is not an uncommon thing among frequent flyers. A common misconception is the value of a mile is dependent on what airline your miles affiliates with. Although that may be true, many other factors influence how much your miles are worth, such as, if your flight was international or domestic, economy or business, on a weekday or weekend, and a few other subsidiaries. That’s not to say that it’s clear that some airlines are worth more than others.

We have put together a straightforward analysis of what airline miles are advantageous or inflexible for frequent flyers. This infographic uses an airplane runway as it’s central graphic element. It uses subtle, yet visible airline and hotel logos in which individuals can easily find their frequent flyer program. Each percentage that belongs to each section resembles if the program’s mile value is profitable or insignificant to a miles broker – the higher the rate that a miles program has, the more valuable the miles are worth. This graphic can help you compare the value of miles that pertain to each miles program.

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