How to Say Hello Around Europe

Hallo, Zdravstvuyte, Ahoj, Bonjour. There are 23 official languages from the 50 countries that make up Europe. Whilst some languages have a similar word to the English language, such as German (Hallo), Hungarian (Helló) and Icelandic (Halló), others have much more difficult words for the average Englishman. Such as in Albania where they greet each other with “Përshëndetje”, or in Bulgaria where they say “Zdraveĭte”, and Russian: “Zdravstvuyte”.

There are many German and Serbian-speaking countries around Europe so a short trip to these parts would only require learning one language.

The infographic below from Network Telecom shows how to say Hello in 10 of the most popular countries around Europe.

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How to Say Hello Around Europe

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