A Guide to Haggling in the UK

Have you ever wanted to try haggling but a lack of confidence or know-how has let you down? If so, you’ll love the latest infographic from Good Vibes: A Guide to Haggling in the UK.

One key trick of successful hagglers is the Kindly Brontosaurus technique. Like a resurrected dinosaur, you won’t be ignored, and you’ll charm your way to success. Remember that you’ll need to alter your technique depending on whether you’re haggling over the phone or in person, on the high street. Most businesses are keen to have your custom and will go the extra mile in order to keep you on side!

For your first attempt at haggling, why not try tackling your phone or broadband provider? If successful, you could get money off your bill, free equipment, an increased data limit or even increased broadband speed.

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A Guide to Haggling in the UK

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