The Rise of Mobile Shopping

As part of their on-going research project, The Changing World, UK insurance brand loveit coverit have explored how smartphones have impacted the way in which we shop; from the death of the traditional retailer to the emerging technology that’s helping small businesses thrive.

This infographic looks at the changing habits of UK shoppers, based on a survey of 1,000 consumers, assessing preferred payment options and the frequency of purchases. It also explores how much money consumers spend through mobile payments, and on what sort of items, to get a clear image of where mobile payments are on the rise – all with the aim of understanding how this affects the traditional retail sector.

What’s more, loveit coverit look at the psychological state of consumers before making mobile purchases, to get a better understanding of when smartphones are mostly used to make purchases, and what this could say about the evolution of this payment method.

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The Rise of Mobile Shopping

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