The Deadliest Building Collapses of All Time

What are the deadliest structural failures ever? This new infographic from the research team at Forney Vault answers that questions, as it shows the 30 deadliest structural failures in recorded history. According to their team’s research, the deadliest instance came in Rome, Italy, way back in 27 C.E., when the Fidenae Amphitheatre collapsed. It was a building that had been cheaply constructed with wood, and couldn’t handle the capacity when 50,000 people attended the gladiator games. It was such a deadly occurrence, in fact, that the death toll is five times more than the second-ranked instance, which saw 4,000 people lose their lives at Ponte das Barcas in Porto, Portugal, back in 1809.

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The Deadliest Building Collapses of All Time

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