The Most Iconic Prom Dress Styles of the Decades

When was the first ever prom in history? The first known written mention of a prom-like event was in an 1894 journal of a male Amherst College student. He wrote about a special invitation to a formal dance that was set to take place at the nearby all-female Smith College. However, it is believed that prom-like events have been happening in America since the early 1800s. They were originally extravagant balls hosted by universities to display wealth and privilege, as well as provide opportunities for young men to showcase their social standing and newly cultivated decorum. Over time, these soirees evolved into the grand opportunities of dressing to impress that we know today. This infographic is a parade of vintage illustrations and fun facts about prom fashion each decade since 1900.

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The Most Iconic Prom Dress Styles of the Decades

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