Is Rowing Machine the G.O.A.T Cardio Tool?

To burn calories, you have a large choice of ergometers.

You can see it when you go to your gym: stationary bike, elliptical bike, treadmill, stepper, stair master and… rower!

If the rowing machine seems simple to approach, it actually requires a perfect form of movement and high concentration (no way to watch television at the same time as you row, unless you master it).

But all this is well worth it because the rowing machine is not only a great tool for off-season rowers, it is also a fitness equipment that only wants you to feel good!

Whether you want to lose weight, burn a lot of calories, tone your muscles (83% of your body muscles are worked) or offer a complete body workout, there is no better way!

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Is Rowing Machine the G.O.A.T Cardio Tool?

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