Who Won the Most Medals at Every Modern Olympics?

Which Olympian has won the most medals in a single summer or winter Olympic games? It’s a tie for the most decorated Olympian during a single Olympics between the USA’s Michael Phelps and the Soviet Union’s Aleksandr Dityatin, each of whom won eight medals at the Olympics they participated in. Aleksandr won eight medals for artistic gymnastics during the 1980 summer Olympics, while Michael Phelps won eight for swimming during the 2004 summer Olympics. Michael Phelps went on to tie his medal record the following summer Olympics in 2008 when he won another eight medals for swimming. How many medals did the top Olympians win in all of the other summer and winter Olympic games? Wizard Pins breaks it down with this chart of the winningest Olympians at every modern Olympics.

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Who Won the Most Medals at Every Modern Olympics?

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