Top Tips to Power Up Your Film Script Writing

If you have a story to tell that you would like to turn into a film; where do you start? By now, you are probably aware that script writing is different from writing a novel. During the filming stage, the camera does most of the descriptive work. Therefore, you need to keep it short, but visual.

If you are a novice scriptwriter, you can start by turning your story into a play. Come up with a title for it, and read it to an audience. Here, you need to observe how they react to the material. Use the story to reveal the characters and their attributes. Have a mental picture of who they are as a whole. Forget about excuse notes; your characters don’t need the approval of the audience, but they must be relatable. Also, you should keep working on the content, even when you don’t have the inspiration to do so. Remember, you may have to do many revisions on it.

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