Year of Metal Rat 2020

The Year of the Metal Rat heralds a year of grand ideas and dreams that promises to materialize as the element of Metal indicates function, stability, and strength. Therefore, however loft idealistic or grandiose ideas are the efforts of those propelled by the fiery visions of the Rat will ensure that these visions CAN materialize and be successful.

The year itself is further accentuated by the fact that we are at the Millennium according to the Gregorian Calendar and the aura of gravitation into a new and dynamic era is exciting the positive energy of the world population.

We will begin to realize our power and capabilities to create and go into unknown frontiers like outer space, cyberspace, genetic engineering, and therapy. But side by side with this, we begin to look inside our souls and work towards world peace, protecting our precious natural environment and actively helping the poor and less fortunate. This is the essence of Rat power.

So, although the Year of the Rat is exceptionally for those born in the Rat Year, it will have a great impact on the other signs as well.

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Year of Metal Rat 2020

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