The Top-Selling PC Games by Year

When I was in 7th grade, the computer video game that ruled my world and that of my peers was Doom. I couldn’t play it alone because once I heard the sound of the space creatures breathing and giving chase, it scared me so much I had to shut it off or let my friend’s older brother kill them all for me. The first-person shooter game on PC set the gold standard and was a groundbreaking success. However, it surprisingly did not make this list of the best-selling PC games by year put together by a team at HP computers.

Doom sold 3.5 million copies during its release in 1993 but was eclipsed by the game Myst which sold 6 million copies that same year. Some of the other top-selling PC games on this list may surprise you as well!

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The Top-Selling PC Games by Year

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