Anatomy of a Submarine Network: The Workhorse of the Internet

From streaming Netflix to playing video games online with friends to maintaining long-distance communication with distant friends and family members, the internet has changed our ability to stay connected with the rest of the world on a national and international scale.

This internet that connects us on a global scale is basically a giant network of networks that maintains connectivity between all of our devices. When being transmitted internationally, this data passes through a network of cables that run through the ocean!

Surprisingly, 99% of all data transferred via the internet goes through this network of submarine cables at some point. A submarine network is nothing special – it’s just the internet but underwater!

So, if our data really is going through the ocean, and isn’t being transmitted via satellite as many people believe, wouldn’t the amount of time it takes to cross our massive oceans cause slow load times? What about sharks – wouldn’t they just eat the cables?

These questions, and more are answered in the infographic below!

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