The Rise of the Smartphone in Australia

If you are not optimizing your website for mobile-first indexing in 2020 you could potentially be losing out on a high percentage of customers who connect with brands in this space.

As per Google’s guidelines, mobile-first indexing is now a mandatory requirement for websites when offering the user a positive experience. Failing to do so signals a red flag that your website may be lacking in the values Google holds dearly when assessing the quality of a website, specifically in its approach to aesthetics, functionality and navigational ease of use from top-end funnel.

The rise of the smartphone infographic gives a snapshot of how crucial it is for brands operating in the digital space to be mindful of how their audiences are interacting with mobile devices, and why offering them the best possible experience on a mobile device can further strengthen their positioning as a brand that understands the needs and habits of the modern web content consumer.

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The Rise of the Smartphone in Australia

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