Video Length: How Long is Too Long?

Video duration is a critical factor for viewer engagement – both on the internet and social media. But what’s too long? There have been a few big surveys of our viewing habits carried out over the past ten plus years but they don’t tally well with each other and are dispersed across the web.

We all know the general idea, attention spans are getting shorter, right? Absolutely. But how quickly? Does it depend on the overall length of the video? Does it mean you lose everyone after a certain amount of time, or will a certain percentage cling on regardless? Yes, we lose viewers quickly, especially on social media. But the surveys show that it’s not a fast road to total viewer abandonment.
So how long do we have people’s attention?

We’ve compared and contrasted their different ways to demonstrate results, how they changed over time, and the differences between social and web video.

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Video Length: How Long is Too Long?

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