Which Country Domains Are the Most Popular?

Which countries have the most popular top-level domains worldwide? The research team at Nominus analyzed data to find the answer, and it was found that Germany has 16,141,315 (with a .de domain extension), which is the most of any country in the world. In fact, Germany is one of only two countries with more than 9,000, along with the United Kingdom with 10,593,406 (with a .uk domain extension). Other countries within the top ten include China (.cn) with 8.9 million, Gabon (.ga) with 7 million, Netherlands (.nl) with 5.6 million, Central African Republic (.cf) with 5.3 million, Mali (.ml) with 5.3 million, Tokelau (.tk) with 5 million, Russia (.ru) with 4.9 million, and Brazil (.br) with 4.3 million.

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Which Country Domains Are the Most Popular?

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