The Most Visited Websites by Year, 1995-2023

What websites do you visit the most? Chances are the websites you visit the most have evolved throughout your lifetime just as the internet has. This infographic visualizes the top ten most-visited websites each year since 1995. In 1995, the most-visited website in the world was While was originally a dial-up service provider, it earned much of its traffic through its themed chat rooms and leading instant message service.

GeoCities was another pioneer of the internet. It allowed users to create their own web pages on hobbies and interests, which could be included in a web directory of “neighborhoods” that also had themes. At its peak, GeoCities was home to at least 38,000,000 pages. It could be argued that the format of GeoCities set the precedent for websites like MySpace, Reddit, and other forums.

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The Most Visited Websites by Year, 1995-2023

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