DRTV Advertising by the Numbers

This infographic highlights the number behind TV advertising and especially DRTV (Direct Response) TV advertising. In the video viewing marketplace, Live TV still dominates. Live TV has a 52% share of viewers while DVD’s have slipped to only 2.7% and cinema is at a tiny 0.4%. Social platforms like Youtube and Facebook are building market share with 11% and 1.2% respectively. TV is watched by 95% of ABC1 adults each week which is great for advertisers looking to put their products in front of viewers with a disposable income.

The infographic also shows how much TV is trusted when compared to other news and entertainment platforms. TV has a 48% trust rating which is way out ahead when compared to platforms like social media and radio.

When picking how to advertise, DRTV also scores well in terms of efficiency of marketing spend. DRTV is far more efficient at returning on investment than methods such as brand advertising and display advertising.

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DRTV Advertising by the Numbers

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