How to Use Growth SEO to Grow Product Demos for Your SaaS Platform

SaaS is a growing industry and will continue to do so in the future. Product demos can help these companies close leads, but these demonstrations need to be shared with the right leads. Many SaaS companies use product demos, and they are one of the most popular calls to action.

It is important to set up your demo with the SaaS product marketing funnel in mind: visitor, lead, qualified lead, opportunity, and customer. In order to avoid clogging up your funnel, include the product demo during the opportunity phase.

Two major focuses when creating product demos are product and pain points. Make sure that your content answers every question your lead may have. Also, make sure your product helps solve a pain point for them and shows how your company stands out among competitors.

Turn these leads into customers by (1) creating offerings that align with a prospect’s position in the sales funnel, (2) creating content that converts, and mix up your content with long-form short-form, and multimedia formats, and (3) while keywords are important, remember to include other aspects into your SEO strategy such as backlinking your own content and improving readability. Finally, (4) work on your technical SEO by cleaning broken backlinks, fixing sitemaps, and verifying site security. Use this infographic to walk you through how to create a growth marketing strategy for your SaaS company.

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How to Use Growth SEO to Grow Product Demos for Your SaaS Platform

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