Top Growth Facts About The Tech Marketing Funnel

Is it time for your company to start building your marketing funnel? The answer is yes. Waiting to build your funnel can do more harm than good since it takes time to generate awareness, capture leads, and for your leads to go through their marketing journey with your brand.

You’ll need to build momentum and generate velocity, the speed that leads move through your funnel to purchase. If your product hasn’t launched, focus on generating demand.

What’s next? How can tech marketers get ahead?

Here are the top tips to get tech marketers more leads and revenue:

• The funnels are changing. Forget traditional marketing funnels – sales processes are more complex now.
• The funnel can’t stop at lead generation.
• Your marketing funnel is hungry. Be thoughtful about the leads you capture, offer CTAs, be relevant and personable.
• Talk to the whole marketing funnel. Utilize content marketing to do this.
• Keep your funnel happy and healthy. This is no easy task, but it’s important to consistently maintain, monitor, and optimize your funnel.
• Funnels are important, but they’re not magic. Marketing funnels are just the framework to help you think about how to build demand. Be sure to choose the right funnel model, and keep in mind that every company and sales process is different.

Use this infographic to learn more about marketing funnels and how tech marketers can use them right now.

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Top Growth Facts About The Tech Marketing Funnel

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