How to Create Awesome OKR Sets – Where to Start?

Creating optimal OKR sets is not that easy – even if this seems simple at first sight. Even in the standard literature or the websites of other OKR experts, examples of OKR sets are mostly not quite optimal or inconsistent if not even confusing. This shows that even some experts find it difficult to create optimal OKR sets. But how to create optimal OKR sets?
Sure, an Objective is an inspiring, qualitative, and ambitious goal that describes what needs to be achieved. And a Key Result is a quantitative key outcome that describes how we get to the goal – clearly stating whether the goal was achieved.

Both Objectives and Key Results describe the “outcome”, the benefit or value contribution, rather than the “output” or tasks.
But what is the best way to start? With the Objective or with the Key Results – or with the tasks or projects? The easiest way is to create tasks. With the Key Results it becomes more difficult – because these should not be tasks.

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