Top Women in Business Statistics

More and more women are breaking into male-dominated industries. Across the globe, we are seeing women break into industries like tech, manufacturing, and many more. This shift has created a much-needed change, like an increase in profits, diverse workforces, and a push for work-life balance.

Women are influencing the business world, and here are the top stats about women in business.

42% of all U.S. businesses are owned by women (13 million).
Women-owned businesses employ over 9.4 million workers.
Women are three percentage points more likely to start a business than men.
The states with the most women-owned businesses, employment, and revenue are Georgia, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and South Dakota.
Since the early 2000s, women-owned companies have increased by 114%.
In 2020, the average annual revenue for women-owned businesses was $330,226.

Minority women are also making major waves in the business world according to these stats.

The number of businesses owned by minority women has grown by over 163% since 2007.

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