Top Investment Models for Start-Up

Differences in startup studios, accelerators, VCs, and angel investors can often be subjective nuances when not looking at the individual company directly. However, with a startup studio, you’re essentially hiring a team of experienced professionals who come with every resource necessary to build a startup from scratch.

Startups are risky, and the earlier it is, the riskier they are to invest in. Therefore, startup studios are the hardest platform to get into. Some studios like Betaworks, Science Inc., and Human Ventures accept outside pitches, and if they like the idea, will bring in founders to execute the vision.

Many other studios such as Atomic, Pioneer Square Labs, Rocket Internet, Wilbur Labs, eFounders, and Idealab generate all ideas in-house and do not allow outside entrepreneurs to pitch ideas or submit an application. That is not to say entrepreneurs can’t get their foot in their door. I highly recommend entrepreneurs check out each website, as many of these studios are seeking creative, passionate self-starters to disrupt the status quo.

Be aware that startup studio business models rapidly evolve in the startup ecosystem. We expect to see this business model to be refined given the success of the studio, the number of projects under their belt, and the quality of outside ideas being developed. Keep an eye out in the future for collaborations between outside entities and studios as business models continue to replicate successful venture projects.

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Top Investment Models for Start-Up

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