Securing the Perimeter of Your Premises

When setting up a new business location, it is important to secure the perimeter as soon as possible.There are many ways you might do this – including installing security screens, mesh fencing, ironwork fences, iron gates or barriers.

Protecting the perimeter of your business is an essential part of keeping it safe. Taking the time to do this properly will protect your business from potential trespassers. To ensure an effective level of security, the perimeter should follow the 5 D’s: Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay, and Defend.

Perimeters protect the data and information of your business, which may be the most valuable asset you own. Furthermore, as a business, you are legally required to protect any information about your customers, vendors, etc. If that data was stolen, your business might be unable to trade and/or you might end up in a lawsuit for not protecting the information. Your business will be negatively affected by both of these factors.

A secure perimeter will also protect your business from vandalism and theft, both of which can be very costly, particularly repeat vandalism.

Regularly assessing your security is also important. Inspecting your perimeter every few months can help you to detect weak spots, such as holes in fences or broken security cameras, so that they can be addressed quickly.

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Securing the Perimeter of Your Premises

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