Infographic: Amazing Wisdom Teeth Facts

What are wisdom teeth? Does everyone grow them? Do they always need to be surgically removed? The fact is – before we answer any of these questions – wisdom teeth remain a bit of a mystery to a lot of people. What exactly do they do? Are they like the rest of our adult teeth?

Many people associate wisdom teeth with aches and pains and they are also often associated with surgical procedure. However, they do serve a common, evolutionary purpose! What’s more, one person’s experience with wisdom teeth may not be the same as another’s.

Therefore, it is always healthy to keep an open mind, so if you believe you are growing wisdom teeth, or are experiencing pain, it is time to take action. Wisdom teeth are nothing to worry about! Millions of people all over the world live with them day in, day out so it is understandable that you might want to know more.

We’ve created the infographic below to show you everything you need to know about wisdom teeth so that the next time you have to go to a dentist, you can show a little bit of extra knowledge! Always consult a dental practitioner if you have any worries or concerns.

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Amazing Wisdom Teeth Facts

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