Eyelash Facts (Everyone With Lashes Should Know)

Everyone in the world is born with eyelashes and we take them for granted our entire lives – that is until we find ourselves in the unenviable position of having lost or damaged this precious fringe. And that’s when the appreciation for what our lashes do for us grows. Possibly, even leading to research on some eyelash facts that can help you take better care of your eyelashes and even prompt them to grow to longer, thicker and fuller heights.
A little bit of knowledge goes a long way, especially when it comes to showing your precious lashes some much needed TLC. And when you know exactly how much lashes do for you – both practically and for vanity purposes – you’ll want to lavish them with attention!
To help you do just that, here are some of the most interesting – and useful – facts about lashes that everyone should know!

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