4 Major Ways Bad Lash Salons Cut Corners

In our salon we constantly see horrible lash work coming in from other salons. Sometimes the lash tech was just new to lashing, and other times they come from salons where the staff are completely untrained and the salon owner is simply trying to make a quick buck!

We end up having to do a complete removal to salvage the client’s natural lashes, followed by an entirely new set by our master lash technicians. The whole process costs the client a lot of money and time because they had to get the job down twice!

So we’ve put together some information about what can happen if you go to a bad lash salon to create some awareness and education in an industry where there is a lot of misunderstanding. We’ve also included what you can expect when you go to a great salon, along with a few tips on how to find the salons who do great work in your area.

So if you’re a lash extension regular this may make you look twice at the salon you’ve been attending, or if you’re just looking to get your first set of extensions and don’t want to make a choice, this infographic will certainly help you out!

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4 Major Ways Bad Lash Salons Cut Corners

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