The Fastest-Spreading Viruses in Recorded History

Have you ever wondered how one person with a virus can infect many others? Each virus is given a basic reproduction number that determines the transmission rate. The higher the R0, the higher the number of people one person with the virus will infect. Luckily this chart from NY Requirements ranks the fastest-spreading viruses throughout world history. The graph also lists the way the virus is transmitted, airborne, respiratory droplets, fecal-oral, or body fluids. The number of new cases and the Basic R0 is also represented. The top 5 viruses that spread the fastest are:

1) Measles
2) Chickenpox/Shingles
3) Mumps
4) COVID-19 (Omicron Variant)
5) Norovirus

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The Fastest-Spreading Viruses in Recorded History

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