Halo Hair Extensions – How to Put Them On

The great thing about halo hair extensions is just how easy they are to use and how quickly you can be ready to head out the door looking your fabulous best. But like with all new beauty products that you buy, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with the right way to use them so your beauty prep time is as seamless as possible.

For most people, halo extensions will fit straight away, but some ladies will need to make some small adjustments to the wiring to get the perfect size. In this infographic, you can learn exactly how to do that and where the extensions should sit on your head. Plus, there are some great tips for positioning halo extensions to ensure they blend in with your own hair – no one will even know that it’s not your real hair because they look so natural!

When you purchase your new halo hair extensions, take a few minutes to practice these steps and then look forward to a lifetime of easy breezy extension application!

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Halo Hair Extensions - How to Put Them On

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